monday, 12:01

Hey, look, I covered this entire website in my scribbled half-cursive handwriting and I'm pretty sure it's illegible but I'm keeping it because Weez liked it! Also, I accidentally destroyed my buttons page, so now it's just a list of your names that's currently a work in progress because I'm apparently incapable of remembering everyone … Continue reading monday, 12:01

lift your eyes

wake up brother, lift your eyesfeel the sun, see the light- keep on keeping on | colony house (my morning alarm) Wake up with some silver-pink dream still clinging to your fingertips. Taste it in the air like cotton candy in late summertime, lingering on reality's doorstep, waiting for the heavy fog to break. Pull … Continue reading lift your eyes


Four years old and your sister just drowned in the community swimming pool. Do you know? You don't know, baby, you're four and everyone is crowding your kitchen with loud voices and covered dishes and you can't even see your mother through it all, but you know that she was crying, and it's making your … Continue reading thirteen

could you fathom

the first looked at the worldwith eyes that saw nothing,somehow less than nothing,as the echoing heartbeat of emptiness traced itself across her skin. the second looked at the worldwith a soul that saw everything,so much more than everything,as a bright and breathless infinity hovered just beyond her grasp. neither could fathom the heavy syllablesthat it … Continue reading could you fathom

marching again

and february has fallen through the cracks—the ground gives way beneath your feetas the world stretches,uncertain in this new warmth,gazing at what once was dyingand remembering how to be alive. every breath is shredded grass and loose soil,early mosquitoes and comfortable shoes,restless afternoons that twist themselves apart,torn between clinging to winter’s lifeless handsand longing to … Continue reading marching again