diving board

You sit in the back seat of the truck, a book in your lap and two more tucked into the door, and warm sun comes through the window and makes a rectangle of yellow across the open page, and you think, this is alright. You inhale ink on paper, the almost uncomfortably intense light stretching … Continue reading diving board

you were here

Tonight, there is a quiet heartbeat offering rhythm to the stillness. One hand rests against the cold car window, illuminated by the occasional rush of passing headlights, and the emptiness is made less by the low hum of familiar voices from the front seat. Distant houses sit tucked between the hills like half-dying embers, the … Continue reading you were here

purple summer

It’s June, there are spiderwebs in my hair, and tonight the sunset came fifteen seconds earlier than it did yesterday. The hourglass has been flipped, and the sand is trickling almost too quietly to be heard—just loud enough to remind us that something sacred is slipping slowly between our fingers. It’s June, and I let … Continue reading purple summer

kitchen sink

If I started walking right now, I could make it to the end of the road long before sunrise. It would be so quiet, and I'd wander past familiar signs and sleepy houses and stand outside the empty gas station, just watching the silhouettes of cars as they whispered through the pale night. Or, I … Continue reading kitchen sink

it’s spectacular

Sometimes you just stand in your bedroom with the lights off and remember this very specific sandwich shop from two years ago that felt like the end of a feel-good summer movie, but that was on an island and there's nothing but darkness outside the window, so you wander to your laptop just to stare … Continue reading it’s spectacular

sounds & silences

(credit) Jo: It’s midnight, and the room is a walking mess. Well, a sitting one-- did it matter? It was a mess, and that was that of it. Clothes are thrown about everywhere, papers are lying precariously on piles, waiting to fall to the floor and crumple beyond existence, and the time ticks ever closer … Continue reading sounds & silences

better than the one before

*small wave* Jul was kind enough to inform me that this post isn’t showing up in the wordpress reader, so I thought I’d try sharing it again—not that anyone is particularly suffering without my 2 AM ramblings in their life, but oh well. :)

midnight mind

There are two things happening at once: I am overwhelmed by the sudden desire to type out some rambling descriptions of recent existence, and my siblings are having a dance party. The issue here is that my laptop and the dance party happen to be in the same room, and this dear laptop cannot be unplugged for more than approximately thirty seconds without experiencing a sudden and dramatic death. Therefore, we will coexist in the darkness, one human squinting at a too-bright screen while the other four turn up twenty one pilots to dangerous levels of volume and burn off their sugar-induced energy.

I found three pieces of a butterfly wing in the barn tonight, black and orange and impossibly thin. They kept fluttering off my fingers and spinning away through the air, acting as if they still held some kind of fragile, weightless life. Now they’re on my desk…

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