mildly mundane musical musings w/ the magnificent megan

If I am aware of your existence, then I’ve probably forced you to endure at least one deeply enthusiastic conversation about my favorite bands. Now, thanks to a lovely idea borrowed from Sarah and Kenechi and a suggestion from Megan, I have the perfect excuse to talk about music as much as I please. *wide-eyed smile* Continue reading at your own risk, mi compadres.

So, yes, this is a collab with Megan—I shall be listening to her playlist and discussing it below, and she’ll be exploring my playlist on her blog. You can find her website here, but I’m sure you knew that because everybody knows the magnificent Megan.

Roll film!

1. Don’t Let Me – Morningsiders
don’t let me fool myself as I fooled you / if you watch over me, I’ll watch over you / I won’t let you go somewhere you can’t find your way back / I won’t let you go

Oh, that was so sunny and summery and lovely. It felt like the kind of song that I’d save especially for a long afternoon in the car, whenever road trips are a thing again. Wonderful first song, Megan, I loved it. *two thumbs up*

2. Twenty-four – Switchfoot
I want to see miracles, to see the world change / I wrestled the angel for more than a name / for more than a feeling / for more than a cause

Mmmmm, I’m undecided. The lyrics are great, but the whole song sounds a bit tired…. perhaps that’s just because I’m exhausted? Either way, I don’t think I love it, but it wasn’t bad.

3. The Wings of the Dawn – Remedy Drive
I breathed the heavy air on the neon streets / underneath the stars in the far east / I caught her eye looking back at me / and tonight I can hear her sing

Okay, I’m definitely just exhausted, because that felt tired too. *blinks rapidly* The message of the song is amazing, but the singer’s voice definitely wasn’t my favorite.

4. At the Table – Josh Garrels
there will always, always be / a place for you at my table / return to me

That was the kind of music that feels like a hug. <3 So peaceful and beautiful. It reminded me a little of Andrew Peterson’s songs, but better, because I don’t love his voice (that feels like a risky thing to say here). I can think of several people who would love this song!

5. Like Ships Need the Sea – Emily Hearn
just one look from you, I’m changing my plans / ’cause darling, I need you like ships need the sea / darling, I need you like ships need the sea

Ehhh, I’m a bit underwhelmed, probably because I’ve heard at least two dozen songs extremely similar to this. It’s nice and light and happy, but not very original. *shrug*

6. Wanderer – David Leonard
I am a prodigal / I can make it on my own / I am a runaway / I would rather be alone

Okay, based off of the dramatic album cover, I’m predicting before listening to this that it’s not going to be my favorite. :D Hey, I was right! It feels like TobyMac but with less rap and originality… that makes sense, right?

7. Not Alone – Red
slowly fading away / you’re lost and so afraid / where is the hope in a world so cold? / looking for a distant light

That had a lovely and encouraging message, but I felt slightly suffocated after listening to the singer yell so much. BREATHE, GOOD SIR.

8. I See Fire – (from The Hobbit) Ed Sheeran
I see fire, burning the trees / and I see fire, hollowing souls / I see fire, blood in the breeze / and I hope that you remember me

SUNSET SONG! *downloads* Future plan: listen to this while watching a particularly fiery sunset. It’s so soft and pretty and felt like a breath of fresh air after the rather loud previous song. I feel like it would go along perfectly with Safe & Sound by The Civil Wars/Taylor Swift. :)

9. The Cure for Pain – Jon Foreman
and here tonight, while the stars are blacking out / with every hope and dream I’ve ever had in doubt / I’ve spent ten years trying to sing these doubts away / but the water keeps on falling from my eyes

Okay, confession: Jon Foreman’s voice annoys me just a little bit sometimes. *cowers under Megan’s glare* HOWEVER, that wasn’t the case with this song—it was quite nice, and the lyrics are beautiful. He’s an incredibly good songwriter!

10. How to be Yours – Chris Renzema
I still act like an orphan, I guess / my hard heart breaks to confess / that even while You hold me, as I cry on the floor / I still don’t know how to be Yours

Oooh, I loved the piano in that one. Hooray for praise music that isn’t painfully repetitive and mind-numbingly cheerful! I have a feeling I’ll be going back to listen to that again sometime soon.

11. Zero – Acoustic – Hawk Nelson
and if we started at zero, then how did things change? / it seems like just yesterday we were the same

Whoa, that was a heavier one… I kinda feel like the emotion in the lyrics would be a lot more apparent if the song was stripped down even more than it is. Hearing someone sing it with nothing but a guitar would be perfect, I think. :)

12. Wildflower – The National Parks
and if you could be my open skies / then I could be your wildflower / I could be your wildflower

I’ve been meaning to listen to this song for ages, but this is the first time I’ve actually heard it. The National Parks have some really great music, and then some more generic-sounding stuff. I think this one was more of the latter. It was quite happy, though—it’s the kind of song that my siblings would love to dance to.

13. Daisy – Switchfoot
open up your fists / this fallen world doesn’t hold your interest / it doesn’t hold your soul / daisy, let it go

Another flower song! The lyrics are thoughtful and pretty, but all those minor chords were somewhat strange. Electric guitars annoy me, except when they don’t. I guess I was expecting a song called “daisy” to feel a bit lighter? I promise I do usually enjoy Switchfoot’s music. *nervous laughter*

14. Dead Man (Carry Me) – Jars of Clay
so carry me, I’m just a dead man / lyin’ on the carpet, can’t find a heartbeat / make me breathe, I want to be a new man / tired of the old one, out with the old plan

Hey, I liked that more than I thought I would! Especially this: “I woke up from a dream about an empty funeral / but it was better than the party full of people I don’t really know”. What an excellent line. It was still a little loud (in case it wasn’t obvious, I don’t love loud music), but it wasn’t bad. :)

15. I Love Chocolate Milk! – Papa Razzi and the Photogs
I refuse to write out the lyrics / to this painful excuse for music

MEGAN, I’m afraid to listen to this. *clicks start with a shaky finger* …oh wow, that was fantastically horrible in every way. Five stars and applause all around. I’m going to go listen to some Sleeping at Last to clear my mind of what it just processed. :D

Well, that was fun to write, and hopefully it wasn’t completely boring to read! You can visit Megan’s post here—I’m excited to see what she thought of my music choices. xD

I’m really hoping that my ability to write anything coherent will return soon, but until then you’ll have to put up with my snippets and music rambles and awkward amount of asterisk actions. Until next time, dear humans, and never forget how wonderful you are!

47 thoughts on “mildly mundane musical musings w/ the magnificent megan

  1. YAY MUSIC! Haha to be honest I agree with a lot of your thoughts. XD And I don’t really like Jon Foreman’s voice, don’t worry! I just think his music makes up for it. What else… yeah I agree that Zero might be better with different music. And hehe, Not Alone sounds lovely and peaceful compared to other Red songs. That one was found from enduring Logan’s music!
    And this post, thanks so much for doing this collab with me, Clara!

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Hehe YAY! And really?? I think his music mostly makes up it for it, too. :D *cowers in fear from the chocolate milk song*
      Thanks once again for doing this with me, I thoroughly enjoyed it :)


    1. Yayyy, isn’t he wonderful? Oh, that’s hard…. perhaps Saturn or Four, but I also love so many of his covers. What are your favorites?


      1. Mmm. Those are good ones! I love Saturn, Two, and Venus. I also recently discovered Uneven Odds and have been loving that. I love how full of poetry his music is! :)


  2. I’m so glad you guys did this!! :D Ooh, I don’t think I’ve heard any of these songs, I’ll hafta check them out.
    (i am dying over here.. I just listened to I Love Chocolate Milk… 😬🤣I have no words. Wut even)

    Liked by 2 people

  3. HAHAHA THAT WAS GREAT! I really liked hearing your opinions on the different songs, Clara! It was a lot more enjoyable to read than an ordinary playlist. *round of applause* *but no applause for the horrid last song*

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Someone else shares my opinion of Jon Foreman’s voice. Wow. *blinks*
    This is such a fun idea! I loved reading both posts!

    Liked by 1 person

  5. It reminded me a little of Andrew Peterson’s songs, but better, because I don’t love his voice (that feels like a risky thing to say here). <— Clara living ON THE EDGE

    I'd heard the wanderer one, and my thought was, "listen to this guy because TobyMac is too mainstream." You can… you can do with that as you like.

    (…should I be afraid of the chocolate milk one?)

    Liked by 1 person

              1. See, I like him as an individual, but then, his songs feel like they were written for someone very specific and I’m spying


  6. So I’m actually a hardcore musician and music love BUT I mostly listen to classical music. I absolutely adore I See Fire, but that was the only song I’ve heard on your list. haha

    Jack Johnson’s Supposed to Be is quite aesthetic and I think you would like it. :) (and yes, it’s form his Curious George album. It’s a great album. Don’t judge. lol)

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Classical music is amazing, that’s so cool :)
      Oh my goodness, I love that album, I’d nearly forgotten it existed. *happily goes to re-discover those songs* Thanks for the comment, Emma!

      Liked by 1 person

  7. This was great!!! I may have heard some of the Switchfoot songs but I have not heard any of the other ones!
    Loved this song collab! Such a creative idea for a collab!
    *hugs to you friend
    -kaelyn :P

    Liked by 1 person

  8. ahh yes i love talking about music!! i’ve never heard any of these songs, so i definitely need to go listen to them all asap! :D this is such a great idea for a collab, i loved reading your reactions to Megan’s playlist and vice versa. 💖💖

    Liked by 1 person

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