could you fathom

the first looked at the world
with eyes that saw nothing,
somehow less than nothing,
as the echoing heartbeat of emptiness traced itself across her skin.

the second looked at the world
with a soul that saw everything,
so much more than everything,
as a bright and breathless infinity hovered just beyond her grasp.

neither could fathom the heavy syllables
that it would take to explain their lonely solar systems,

so they sat in silence,
pouring chaos between their fingers,
each falling into the quiet trap
of believing
that the other

14 thoughts on “could you fathom

  1. oh my goodness, claraaaa! this poem really really touched me in a way i can’t explain. i think the way different people perceive the world really intrigues me and this, THIS, really hit the fact we just assume everyone else sees the world in the same light. but they really don’t entirely, and we’re even somewhat scared to voice our views to each other. i think describing the two main views people make of the world really gives readers something to relate to. just- gahhhh i’m at a loss for words right now *helplessly rambles* this has gotta be one of the best poems i’ve ever read… i want it on my wall! :D

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    1. Ahhhh, YES. It makes me so happy that you saw exactly what I was trying to communicate with this poem. <3 Also, um, wow, thank you SO much, my friend. 0_0 You're too kind. <3

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  2. The last lines … oh my.
    Oh my oh my oh my.
    It makes me think about the fact that no one knows if we all see different colors.
    No one knows if we all think in different ways.
    I don’t even know what to say but I understand and I want to explain my thoughts but I just can’t.
    Clara, how do you always make me feel this way?
    .power to the local dreamer ||-//

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    1. Oh, yes. I wonder about the colors all the time, and it just blows my mind… it’s so easy to see ourselves in others, and it kinda blinds us from the possibility that our minds may be far more diverse than we realize. You know, I think you explained your thoughts far better than you realize. <3

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