marching again

and february has fallen through the cracks—
the ground gives way beneath your feet
as the world stretches,
uncertain in this new warmth,
gazing at what once was dying
and remembering how to be alive.

every breath is shredded grass and loose soil,
early mosquitoes and comfortable shoes,
restless afternoons that twist themselves apart,
torn between clinging to winter’s lifeless hands
and longing to pry open april’s bright eyes.

the sun is shy in her transformation,
humming the tune of a half-forgotten song
and searching for that familiar rhythm,
waiting to grow in warmth and fullness
until she is the heartbeat of summer—


m a r c h ,

marching again.

8 thoughts on “marching again

  1. spring is magical and your writing is magical and i lovelovelove it! the way you described something that was almost forgotten but brought back to life encompasses the feeling of march entirely :))

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