one, two, three

  1. It’s the kind of colorless evening where the sun has refused to peek out from beneath its blanket of clouds, painting the world in a strange silver light that seems to be everywhere and nowhere all at once.
  2. Flying things fill the air—crows that shout into empty space with wings silhouetted against the sky, small creatures that alternate between humming in the trees and trying to land in your hair.
  3. Next door, a little girl in a pink bike helmet sings to herself, and her dog barks and barks as she spins in wide, ungraceful circles.
  4. If you look at them just right, the clouds are stepping stones, a precarious path to clearer skies amidst a hazy river of silence.
  5. You recognize this pine tree, because last summer you put a wide-eyed baby bluejay between its branches, and you checked on it every hour until the tiny creature found the courage to spread newfound wings and fly.
  6. Dusk begins to drain the world of warmth, and a gentle chill settles into the air, sliding its way into every dark corner like a purring cat settles close between your feet.
  7. The breeze tugs at the edges of the clouds, and the palest golden-blue light begins to leak through the gray, soft and shy in its dim beauty.
  8. Your dog faceplants every single time she runs after the ball, uncoordinated legs flying in every direction, her face filled with enthusiasm as she jumps to her feet and races to you, ready to do it all over again.
  9. You laugh, and you realize it’s exactly what you’ve been waiting for.
  10. so just for a moment, let’s be still.

Consider this an invitation to write a list of your own below. I’d be delighted to read it :)

29 thoughts on “one, two, three

  1. This is inspiring, and thanks for the invitation! I’m not really sure how this works, but here are essentially some observations from my day listed based on your post… 🙂

    1. Today was a warm, sunny day, filled with glowing relief from the cold, rainy days a week ago.
    2. Finally, your heart has calmed down, and so has your workload, giving you a breath of freedom before the business hits again. You only hope the confusion in your heart will stay safely cast on the Lord.
    3. Many individuals pass you by on their own business. You look up and smile at some of them, and are rewarded when a few take notice and smile back.
    4. You take a walk in the sunshine, observing the business and watching the people, each one with their own agendas, filled with their own thoughts. You’re thankful to stretch your legs and take a moment just to walk and watch and pray.
    5. The sun is now beating at midday, heating up your little part of the earth. Today’s heat seems out of place at this time of year, reminding you that soon you will bear the harshness of summer, but for now you can enjoy a perfect, warm day.
    6. As you walk to the restaurant, the evening is now approaching that beautiful time of day between afternoon and dusk.
    6. The campus is buzzing with activity as usual. You are glad to run into a friend in the midst of strangers, and then you meet another friend for dinner, catching up on the last couple of weeks since you met in this same, familiar spot.
    7. Walking back, your friend takes notice of all the other people around, and you remind yourself that you should observe more of the life going on around you, too.
    8. Darkness has settled over campus, bringing along a brisk, energetic coolness in the air, and you are content.
    9. You return home and enjoy a moment of solitude and silence in your own thoughts, before your roommate returns home, too. You remember how glad you are to have her.
    10. I should really express that gratefulness more often.

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  2. 1. you wake up because your uncle is leaving and you are gonna miss him even though you’re an independent aloe who doesn’t need anyone but kinda really does
    2. you freak out about the next year because nothing is set in stone
    3. you try to do homework and fail. instead three friends come over and you all watch astonishing from little women. you have made it your life goal to win them all to musical theater.
    4. you are forced to leave for the immigration office and it’s scary scary scary and they’re going t o o fast
    5. you return home and find an old letter to yourself.
    6. you don’t get up in 4 hours because you’re lazy and it’s getting dark.
    7. you realize that you are, in fact, a lazy moron, and you need to get out
    8. you get dinner and try to evade the cat, who somehow jumps four feet to try to snab your food. you yelp and fall over.
    9. you give up on today and plan for tomorrrow.
    10. and then you realize that maybe that is okay.

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  3. OK got some
    1. Right outside the window is a dreary brown and gray panorama of bare trees. Empty trunks and bare branches clustered together, seemingly devoid of life.
    2. The sky is a sheet of paper, perfectly even, the world rests inside a light box, waiting for the camera
    3. Snuffling, the cat is snoring again. A fluffy orange blob gently rises and fallls from breathing, sunk into an old sagging sofa.
    4. Mumbled Spanish as a sibling walks by, followed by a cheerful ding, much louder than necessary
    5. I can count six stacks of books surrounding me, one of which is topped with an empty mug, tea stained. Another is topped with an assortment of colored pens and a plastic crown

    My noticings this morning :)
    Most crazily, ~Olive

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  4. I’m just here for Maude. That smile has melted my heart into a pile of mush.❤️ CUTEST PUPPY EVER!!

    (I loved your list, by the way. This world can get so chaotic and we need to learn to just sit down and be still…❤️)

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  5. Ahhh love this ❤️❤️
    1. The house is quiet and a fly buzzed in the corner of your room, repeatedly flying into the wall
    2. You settle into bed, pulling your favorite blanket up and snuggling in
    3. Grabbing your phone from the night stand, you settle in and start to read some of your favorite blogs
    4. You stumble across this post and grin. Wow. How are people so talented? You smile one more time and then comment on the post.
    5. You slowly drift to sleep, cocooned in your blanket, smiling about the happy post you read and excited for the joys tomorrow will bring.
    Ack I tried. Loved this post immensely 💕💕💕

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  6. 1. The closet makes a cold changing room this early morning when you are running late.
    2. Trees stripe the road with shadows and light, shadows and light, blinking erratically like a buzzing lightbulb.
    3. Frost sparkles, glitters in rainbows; the space of one second that lays down on the road and slips under your wheels and is gone, but the memory remains.
    4. The microphone wrapped with its grid of black squares grabs your voice and flings it back, louder, backed by the strings of guitar and tumbling piano notes and the steady electronic drums tap tap tapping away.
    5. The words “Trinity Hymnal” catch the sun and gleam gold against the deep red spine and plastic blue cafeteria chair.
    6. All at once, the church is half full and the murmur of voices adds another instrument to our practice in front of the heavy curtains.
    7. The purple tiles of this school cafeteria look different in their different settings. And I wonder what our church building will look like.
    8. Rows of people, young and old, are all listening to the man up in front, his hand on the open book and eyes on his congregation, reminding us of the whole story, the bad parts and the good, that somehow, glorious thought, we are part of.
    9. We smile at friends who were at our house ten hours before and grin at their hair free of hay-barn dust now and eyes tired from late night conversations.
    10. I love these people: they are my family, my brothers and sisters and mothers and fathers.
    11. A scratched-up styrofoam cup circles the passengers, hand-to-hand in the car.
    12. Counter laden with crockpots and paper plates and a kitchen full of people not ready for this time to end.
    13. So we eat together, on the couch, shaking heads at the younger ones and listening to the older.
    14. All the faces turn to the back, nodding, Bibles in their lap. A new speaker; the heads swivel.
    15. Pink skirt spread on the carpet, listening, sighing, filled with a longing and a sorrow of the thing to come. A shiver for that last, long separation.
    16. The drive home in the warm sunshine. Bare foot on the pedal, window down and music playing.
    17. Sun-greened wheat fields; yellow-green trailer house; orange-doored shed; wispy blue sky.
    18. Vultures balanced on opposite limbs like a seesaw and consulting one another, hunched on fence posts; a tired town; a man on a mower pulling kids in little plastic wagons strung behind him.
    19. Home. He stands on the truck bed and lifts the crockpot from the toolbox, and we go inside to unwashed dishes from too much hurry, and a long, leisurely afternoon.
    20. Rest.

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