glimpses of home

You know when you see something beautiful, and it punches you hard in the heart, but in the best way possible? I think, maybe, that feeling is little bit like homesickness. Every beautiful thing in this world is a little glimpse of home—a reminder that we aren’t where we’re supposed to be just yet.

Here are some of my recent attempts to capture those glimpses of home. These were all taken on my phone, and some are little blurry or crooked, because I get kinda excited about beautiful things. :)

Favorite photo? What means “home” to you? Do you get homesick, too? :)

-Clara <3

38 thoughts on “glimpses of home

  1. GAH I could never choose a favorite!! The aesthetics are breathtaking. And they make me want to cozy up by a fire and write poetry with a college-ruled notebook, sipping something warm from a mug. ☕️ Thank you, blogger friend, for these wonderful glimpses of the beauty that’s in this world!♥️

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  2. oh, beautiful beautiful sky! will she ever stop inspiring us? she’s fire and she’s water and she’s ice and she’s diamond and she’s dull sheet metal.
    hehe, your beautiful shots unexpectedly unleashed my poetic side XD
    i love the daffodil shot and the shots from the car … and the colors in the last one are STUNNING. you could honestly make a pinterest aesthetic board with these xp
    power to the local dreamer ||-//

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      1. *turns to camera* she has no idea that I screenshoted my favorites to use as wallpaper in the summer 😀
        Ah shoot, did she hear that? Nah, she couldn’t have, pfft
        Most crazily, ~Olive

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  3. 🎶 Until I’m, until I’m home 🎶

    *sobs* Best photography post I’ve seen all year. Why did I sob? BECAUSE THE PHOTOS WERE JUST THAT BEAUTIFUL. (To the random person reading this comment, I present to you Clara: not only the Camera Master, but the Mobile Camera Master as well)

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  4. I can’t deal with the beauty of all these photos!!! <3 You're such a phenomenal photographer no matter what camera you're using, Clara… I'm so jealous of all the pretty views you get to see :D

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  5. I know that feeling very well. *sad-happy sigh* And I think you’re exactly right. That’s always what it feels like to me – ecstasy over this present beauty mixed with a terrible longing for the fulfillment of these shadows. Also those pictures were lovely. Thanks for the sunset dose. <3 <3 <3

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